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Multiple Twitter accounts - Vip-tweet

Multiple Twitter accounts

More and more often people need to manage several accounts at the same time: due to business matters or their personal preferences to divide the information they share with the world in parts. To open multiple Twitter accounts you can use one phone number, but you need different emails for that (sale email works with

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Inactive Twitter accounts

Inactive Twitter accounts

What are those in general? Inactive account Twitter policy says that these are the profiles whose owners are logged in but do not interact with somebody’s content in any way. To save your profile from deletion you basically need to be logged into it and log in every 6 months. If you don’t do it,

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Delete Twitter Likes

Delete Twitter likes

Often enough we change our opinions, tastes, and preferences and have an urge to change our social media as well, to make it suitable to our current thoughts and beliefs. That’s exactly when you might want to delete your Twitter likes and make your favorites section a little bit “cleaner” if you may, and this

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