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Fake Twitter accounts

Is there a generator or a checker or a maker of fake accounts on Twitter that could be used by different people in different cases? Well, yes, but is it safe?

If we talk about generators, it’s not: why would anybody need to generate fakes that are littering the online environment and are making it less safe and friendly for people who are concentrated on creating quality content.

Moreover, if you need to take on several accounts for your business development, you can easily do it and find pages with usernames and passwords that are available for sale.

There are even websites with template of such profiles with a with an indication of how much each specific page costs and how it can be purchased.

But this is not about that now: we have to answer the main question: why would anyone look for ways to buy or acquire additional Twitter accounts for free?

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And we are not talking about fake celebrity accounts and funny neural network bots that post all sorts of nonsense to make subscribers laugh. We are talking about a large number of profiles that were once left by their owners and now they can be bought to use for their own purposes.

Why do people do this? Well, mainly in order to promote your own main account — messages can be sent from third-party pages, or they can be used to duplicate content and distribute it to other circles of people.

On Twitter it is quite important to engage as many people as possible into the process of your account’s growth. And if you’re interested “ are any of those accounts following me?”

Well, they probably do; fakes and bots make a giant net that surrounds real profiles on each social media, so it’s best believe that these aren’t following your page in bulk. If they do, it’s better for you to do a purge so your profile’s statistics would become okay again.

How to spot fake Twitter accounts

Practically, you can identify a fake profile and tell inactive from active by yourself: but for this you will need some amount of time.

You will have to log into each account and manually check the latest activity and which tweets this profile writes: and if any suspicions appear, it is better to remove this profile from the list of your subscribers, since it can pull your statistics down.

Everyone has quite different opinions: someone believes that there is nothing wrong with fakes, and that somewhere they can even make the situation better, but we would not recommend that the number of fake readers outweigh the number of real ones.

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If after such a “purge” you notice that a hole has formed in the number of subscribers, you can easily close it by taking the chance to buy Twitter accounts, followers and likes — the main thing, as we said, is to buy them from a good site that sells real subscribers who are not bots or fakes.


Why Twitter doesn’t shut down fake accounts?

Because the platform basically has no right to do so — if a profile doesn’t do any harm to other users, it cannot be blocked or deleted. A lack of activity or tweets of strange content are not grounds for shutting the page down.

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