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Fake Twitter followers

Unfortunately, today some people still think that they can find a special tool, a generator, a bot or an app of some kind that would provide them with an endless count of followers for their profile.

Yet this isn’t true: if you know how many subs you need, but you aren’t ready to wait for them to come for weeks and months, you can find a website where you’d be able to buy subs for your Twitter.

But make sure that you’re taking on real ones, because the fakes will only bring you troubles. Why? We’ll tell you further in this article.

Check fake Twitter followers

A task to find fake Twitter subs might sometimes get in the way and take a lot of time: if you’re not ready to detect fakes by hand and waste lots of time on the analysis, you can delegate it to the service or to the professional social media manager.

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The first option is cheaper though: you can find a program or a website that would for some money identify fakes in your subs list and score each one of them.

After that you’ll be able to see and know who are inactive that are showing negative impact on your profile’s life and whom you should spot and remove from your account by hand.

We won’t be recommending any particular services as this isn’t our aim, but you should know that all of them are easily googleable and all you need to know is to simply check the reviews from previous users.

Remove fake Twitter followers

If you care about your profile’s development, you need to block and delete fake Twitter followers from time to time: if you’ve gathered many of them, it’s best to do it in bulk.

It’s easy to get rid of them: all you need to do is find those accounts (check the last activity time and what kind of tweets they’re posting, usually it is pretty obvious if somebody’s a fake or not) and press on the more button near their main picture.

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There you’ll be given an option to remove them from your subs list.

Get fake Twitter followers

Are you thinking about how to get fake followers on Twitter for free? Forget about that! First of all, you don’t need fakes: these are drowning your statistics and making Twitter think that your profile is no better than all these bots.

Secondly, nothing that’s free works nicely and safely. If you see a gigantic pack of subs available for instant delivery for free — there is a trap, trust us on this one.

Each service should cost money, and if this is not a free trial that includes 10 to 50 free subs, there is something wrong with it.

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But yes, you can still buy Twitter followers that aren’t fake — but it’s going to cost you some money. Yet results are going to truly astonish you, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re wasting your dollars “just to try it”.

After the deal is going to be sealed, you’ll see great positive changes coming to your account in no time. Don’t forget to still tweet regularly and stay in touch with your audience; that’s where the main rule of success is laying.


How to tell if someone has fake Twitter followers? 

You can only do it by personally analyzing the person’s subs list: go there and look through the pages with suspiciously bot-looking usernames. Check their last activity and what kind of tweets they’re posting. Usually, it’s quite easy to tell fake from the real one.

How do I unfollow my fake followers in Twitter? 

When you want to remove them from your followers list, just go to these profiles and press on the three dots button near the main picture of the profile. There you will see an option to delete the person from your subs list.

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