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How to block followers on Twitter?

“How do I block spam followers on Twitter? What if I want to delete all the subscribers through the app — is there a way to do it quickly?” Well, yes, you can block a follower — if they are fake, “dead page” or just a bothering or bullying person — but you cannot do it in bulk on Twitter.

Unfortunately, this platform does not provide such tools, and when you want to do something with a certain account that is subscribed to you, you will have to manually search for it and select an action using the “more” button.

Yes, it’s not that convenient, but it works just right; true, you’ll have to spend a little more time.

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So, in order to inhibit a person and deprive them of the ability to read your profile (and also remove them from the list of your subscribers, which is important), you need to find them in the list of your subs and go to their profile.

Now find the button that looks like three dots (it will be in the upper right corner) and click on it — a list of actions that you can apply to this account will appear. Among them will be adding this profile to the blacklist. Select this option and voila! You have blocked this person.

If you need to prohibit this person, you will need to dig into the settings. But before you do this, ask yourself — is it worth it? Usually, unblocking is resorted to when an inhibited person asks to do it for some reason. But if he bothered you so much that you decided to add him to the blacklist, is he worth it?

Remember about your online security and remember that there are too many people around who can profitably use your data and this can lead to not the most pleasant situation. That is why if someone bothers you online, inhibit and complain about this person without a doubt.

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Even if you feel that you don’t have enough subscribers, you don’t need to pull people out of the blacklist: you can just buy Twitter followers and close this issue for yourself once and for all.

Find a company with good reviews and choose a service that suits you. If the company is great, it will sell real subscribers who will remain in your profile forever and will create the appearance of a successful profile with a bunch of fans.

If you need to clean your profile from spam subscribers and bots, it will not be as convenient to act manually as to turn to analytics services. They will be able to quickly calculate those of your subscribers who are not real people, and provide you with a complete list that you can effectively work with.

And some companies do this in conjunction with further bulk deletion. In this case, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

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Sometimes Twitter itself bans users and does not allow them to conduct their activities on this social platform anymore.

This may be due to the fact that the profile content looks too much like bot messages, because of posts of an offensive or violent nature, as well as the distribution of illegal materials or items of any kind.

But this rarely happens — most often, in order for a user to be banned, other users must complain about them. So we actively encourage you to feel free to leave reports on those who seem to be bothering to you.


How to block multiple followers on Twitter?

Sadly, you cannot bulk block subs on Twitter. To inhibit several people at once you have to go through their profiles manually and do it one by one.

How to block unwanted followers on Twitter?

You need to find them in your followers’ list and tap on the “more” button in the top right corner. There you will see an option to add a user to the black list. That’s synonymous to inhibiting.

How to block fake followers on Twitter?

You have to go through the list of your subscribers and find the ones that look like or are fakes. After that, tap on the three dots button in the top right corner of their profile and choose to add this account to the black list. That’s the same thing as inhibiting. It will also automatically delete the account from the list of your subs.

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