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I reactivated my Twitter. Where are my followers?

I reactivated my Twitter and now my followers are gone — this question bothers lots of people who at some point in time decided to get rid of their profile on this social media website but later things have changed.

And here they are, questioning “if I reactivate my Twitter, do I lose all my followers? How is this even working?” Well, the only thing that you should do in this particular case is settle down for waiting and calm down.

Reactive account on Twitter - Vip-tweet

The thing is — Twitter, just like any other social media platform, is a pretty glitchy resource that frequently adds some spice to its users lives, so as in situations like this. If you have noticed that after reactivation your profile is lacking some or all the subscribers, there is no need to panic.

Your social media page will take some time to restore completely; and if it won’t happen in 24 to 48 hours, only then you should think about contacting the technical support group. Before this period of time passes, there is no need to worry at all.

Your losses might be bound not to the glitches, but to people simply unfollowing your page as they have seen that you’re gone from the website. That’s a normal thing, as everybody tries to keep their feed as interesting and as close to current events as possible.

 If you were developing your profile and then suddenly felt like you don’t want to do it anymore, well, what has happened is your responsibility.

If you’re only thinking about deactivating your profile for some time to later come back, if you’re a blogger, don’t do it. Announce that you’re going on hiatus and then come back later, restored in your resources to post and communicate.

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If you had a chance to retain your subscribers (it was a glitch), but you still see that there are some serious lacks, you can fix it pretty quickly by using a chance to buy Twitter followers.

However, you should pay your attention to where you’re buying and what you’re buying. Because no matter how greatly a certain promo resource was advertised, it can still be a scam and you’re still risking losing your money.

Today’s promo websites can be done almost overnight, therefore the neatness of their interface is not the thing you should judge the quality of services upon.

To figure out whether you can or cannot buy from this website you should check for reviews from previous buyers and talk to their managers if you have any doubts.

Don’t forget, that the key to success lies not in the paid services, but in friendly regular communication with your audience and in scheduling your posting if you have any problems with staying online.

Yes, managing a social media account is a task that sometimes is hard to fulfill, but you should definitely concentrate on building a decent online reputation if you’re willing to become popular on a level that’s bigger than local.


If I reactivate my Twitter do I lose my followers?

Basically, you shouldn’t be losing your followers if you have reactivated your profile. Yet it often happens that you have to wait for 24-48 hours for all the information to restore — including your followers and your subscriptions. If these aren’t back to normal after that time period, make sure you contact the tech support group.

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