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Link Twitter accounts

Can you link accounts on Twitter together? This question bothers many people, who, over the time, have acquired many of them and now want to change something about this inconvenience.

Surely, this option is very much-needed, but today Twitter doesn’t give an option of merging 2 or even multiple profiles together. It’s just not going to work, no matter how much time you spend searching for hacks and codes to workaround it.

How to link Twitter accounts

So, sadly enough, but if you’ve decided that you want to link pages as the same person, make them work together and never have to switch between two of them from now on — you’d have to leave your plans behind and come to the sad realization of the fact that this social media net doesn’t allow its users to do so.

No matter if you’re trying to do it from a PC or an app, it’s still going to be several profiles that you’d need to switch between. But we can tell you what you can do to “merge” them together.

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Just talk to your audience. Leave tweets in all pages with a link to the profile that you are going to keep active. And let them know that you would like to meet all the subscribers in the new profile — there will be everything that’s interesting about you, your life or your brand.

Such a step, by the way, will not only merge your profiles together, but also help get rid of dead pages and bots in your followers. And it is very important to do this from time to time if you are trying to develop your profile.

And if, on the contrary, you are striving to acquire as many pages as possible, then there is a solution for you: you can buy Twitter accounts and find a lot more subscribers than you have now.

It will be even more fun if you first buy profiles, and then “merge” them into one in the way that we described in the previous paragraph.

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Yes, this is not an easy way to develop, but it provides a chance to gain a much wider audience than if you worked through the same account. Think about including the purchase of pages in your promotion, and you will see that this option has a lot of advantages that you have not thought about before.


Is there a way to link Twitter accounts?

Unfortunately, today you cannot merge 2 different profiles together, even if they have the same email behind them.

What happens when you link Twitter accounts?

You cannot link 2 profiles together.

How many Twitter accounts can you link to one email?

You can have several profiles registered by one email, but you cannot link them together — today this social media platform doesn’t give such an option.

How many Twitter accounts can you link to one phone number?

You can add up to 10 pages to the same phone number. But you still cannot merge them together.

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