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Merge Twitter accounts: Full guide

Today many people start running several profiles on this social media website and sometimes after that they think about whether merging Twitter accounts is possible or not. The short answer to this question is no, as today this social media network is not offering a possibility to merge Twitter pages, no matter how badly you need it.

There is no automatic way to merge Twitter accounts on a desktop or on your smartphone, as there is basically no difference between the functions or options between these two.

How to merge Twitter accounts? 

As we’ve said, the answer to the question “How do I merge Twitter accounts?” is you cannot do it automatically, as it is not allowing any data migration from one page to another and doesn’t offer an option to conjoin two pages into one. But you shouldn’t be discouraged by this answer, as there are options that you can use to join two or more of your profiles into one.

Can you merge Twitter accounts? 

Even you can’t combine several profiles into one, you can still kind of do it by hand. There are several ways of how things can go: you can either slowly move your posting from one account to another, or you can encourage your followers from the older account to follow you on the newer one. Both of these scenarios are totally possible if you put enough effort into them.

Can you merge Twitter accounts - Vip-tweet

If your question is “Can I merge Twitter accounts and then deactivate my old account?”, what you should do is start slowly encouraging your audience to read your other page. You can leave links to your new tweets on the new page, you can also ask them what they are thinking of your new (or business) profile and foster their willingness to start following your second page.

Then, when most of your audience migrates to your new page, you can set a deadline for how soon you will deactivate your old page to motivate the rest of your audience to move as well. It works great if you take your time, don’t post about your crossing too, and post the freshest and the most interesting content on your new page.

Combine Twitter accounts

How to combine Twitter accounts? Unfortunately, today Twitter perceives each profile totally separately, and as long as you’re following the community’s guidelines, you’ll be able to run as many pages as you want without any troubles.

But there is also no way to automatically combine several pages into one, to join several audiences of yours into one number of followers and there is also no way to create a common pool of favorites and comments for your tweets.

However, combining mutual Twitter accounts is kind of possible, if you do everything by hand and slowly move your audience from one page to another. You can do it by telling your followers that you have another page and that you’d appreciate it if they would follow you there as well.

So, even the answer to the question “Can you combine Twitter accounts?” is no, you can still work your way through it by communicating with your audience and asking them to help you with that profile crossing that you need to do.

Merge two Twitter accounts

How to merge two Twitter accounts and transfer data between them automatically? Currently, this social media website doesn’t allow it, but you can successfully manage several profiles from one PC or smartphone, using TweetDeck or any other alike app.

If you want to combine tweets from two Twitter accounts by now you can do it only by hand, rewriting them to another profile of yours or leaving links on your old tweets in your new account. This is a gap in a system, but today joining several pages into one is impossible and a user has to do everything by hand if they need to.

So, even the answer to the question “Can you merge two Twitter accounts into one?” is no, there are still other possibilities. You can use certain services that allow you to kind of transfer your audience from one account to another, as these allow you to automatically follow people you’ve been following using your old page and hope that they will want to follow you back.

It hardly depends on how loyal your audience is: even you cannot merge 2 Twitter accounts together using some kind of Twitter feature, you can always work with your audience and encourage them to move to another new page of yours.

Merge two Twitter accounts - Vip-tweet

If you’re wondering “Can I merge two Twitter accounts as I’m moving to the new profile and I want to deactivate my old one?” the answer is still no, but you can tell your followers that you’re crossing, wait for them to follow you on your new page and then deactivate your old one.

Yes, it’s quite sad that you’d have to leave all the tweets you have already created, but you can achieve them and look through them whenever you feel sentimental.

If you don’t want to merge your accounts and you also want your account number to grow — you can use our promo services and buy Twitter accounts.


How to merge Twitter and Facebook accounts? 

How to merge Twitter and Facebook accounts - Vip-tweet

Unfortunately, there is no way to merge two of these profiles as FB and Twitter perceive their profiles as completely separate ones. You can make them kind of related though: by leaving links to one another on both of your pages. FB offers to specify your website in your profile, you can use your Twitter link to showcase it on this page.

And vice versa: you can leave a link to your Facebook pages in your bio or you can leave links to your posts on FB in your tweets if you need to make your audience on this social media website follow your content on another social network. 

Can you link two Twitter accounts to one email?

Can you link two Twitter accounts to one email

You can. Even each account has to have its own unique username, several of them can be linked to one email. Even it’s not that convenient, some people prefer doing that and managing all of their profiles through one email (Gmail only). If you’d like to change that sometime, you can always set the new email address to one of your accounts and start managing them from different email addresses. 

How to merge access to Twitter accounts? 

If you want to manage both of your accounts through one email, you can link that email to both profiles of yours and voila, you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening to both pages of yours through one address. If you want to simultaneously manage both of your profiles from one PC or one smartphone, you’re going to need an app for that.

As many people have been willing to do so, the app market has a pretty wide offer for this need. Just check AppStore, GoogleStore, or PlayMarket to choose whatever you find more convenient to use in your daily life. 

Why doesn’t Twitter have a way to merge accounts? 

Eventually, nobody knows that, but right now this option is not allowed. We suppose it was done to keep some order in the system and encourage people to simply move to new accounts when they don’t need their old ones anymore: it helps with freely deleting excessive data as some time goes by. 

How do you merge duplicate Twitter accounts?

Basically, there is no way to duplicate accounts on this social network, as it requires totally different usernames for both of them. You can link them to one email, although we’re not sure that this means duplicating accounts.

Merging them into one is not possible as well, so you simply have to choose which one of your accounts you’ll be using from now on and move to it, telling your folks on the other profile to read your tweets in another place from now on. Leave a link and don’t be hesitant to cross the old page off!

How to merge follows from two Twitter accounts? 

As we have previously mentioned, there is no way to combine follows from two Twitter accounts using native settings. But you can use certain side services that offer doing so — following the people you’ve been reading using your old page might be helpful to gain them as followers on your new page. 

How do I merge my Twitter and Instagram accounts? 

You cannot literally merge your Twitter and Instagram, but you can link your Instagram to your Twitter so each of your photos would be posted on Twitter as tweets as well. To do so you need:

1. Open your Instagram profile and head to Settings.

How do I merge my Twitter and Instagram accounts. Part 1 - Vip-tweet

2. Then you need to go to Linked Accounts and choose To Twitter to authorize through Instagram.

How do I merge my Twitter and Instagram accounts. Part 2

3. After that, the Twitter switch will appear underneath each new photo of yours and you’ll be able to share the link to it on your Twitter page.

How do I merge my Twitter and Instagram accounts. Part 3 - Vip-tweet

However, it’s not going to be a full-on photo in your Twitter profile; but this feature works great to encourage your audience on Twitter to follow you on Instagram as well.

Is it possible to combine two Twitter accounts? 

Today this social net doesn’t give an opportunity to automatically move data, follows, comments, favorites, and followers between two different profiles as it perceives both of them totally separately.

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