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Multiple Twitter accounts

More and more often people need to manage several accounts at the same time: due to business matters or their personal preferences to divide the information they share with the world in parts. To open multiple Twitter accounts you can use one phone number, but you need different emails for that (sale email works with one profile only).

What else is important? If you want to be successfully handling multiple Twitter accounts, there is no need to download a special app actually: right now Twitter itself offers an option of quickly switching between several profiles.

To connect multiple Twitter accounts to your PC version of Twitter or to an app on Android or iOS, all you have to do is press the three lines icon at a navigation menu, then choose the three dots icon. It will take you to 2 options of “create new account” or “add an existing account”.

After you do so, you will have quick access to the other account of yours by pressing on the smaller page icon next to the main three dots.

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No matter which device you’re picking up to log into Twitter, let it be an iPad, iPhone, your smartphone on Android, or Google Chrome, all of these have an option of adding several accounts and managing them evenly on your native Twitter app. However, there is also an option to use Tweetdeck and Flipboard.

The first one gives an option of managing several pages at the same time, while the second one doesn’t. But it can integrate your Twitter profile with other newsletter portals, which is important and useful to many.

Though Tweetdeck is an advanced tool for managing multiple accounts, you still can easily detect and use several pages through the common Twitter app or even website.

Manage multiple Twitter accounts 

So, how to manage multiple Twitter accounts? If you want to do that for free, you can use the Twitter app or web version itself: today it gives its users a great option to add more than one page to the system.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is — you’d have to switch between profiles if you need to tweet, follow or unfollow. Managing multiple Twitter accounts with more comfortable conditions is possible through Tweetdeck: it has a very convenient drop-down menu that helps make all of the above quicker and with less effort put in.

Tweetdeck isn’t available for iPhone though, it’s for PC, but if you want to navigate through several pages through your iPhone, you can use TwitterFon. It’s well-made and has an intuitively clear interface, which makes using it funs and easy.

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Managing several pages from Firefox is possible by dint of Twitter fox, this is an extension that was created by the same people who stand behind TwitterFon. It has an option of viewing all of the pages through several columns which will appear after you press on the icon of this extension at the right up corner of the browser.

Let’s talk about what you can use to simultaneously manage several pages through the desktop.

There are some nice apps that offer good functionality and easy use: Nambu, Seesmic Desktop (it has no limits to the number of pages that you can add to it), Thwirl (it gives a possibility of viewing all the tweets from several accounts in one column) and Tweetie if you want to manage your pages on Mac.

The Best apps for Android would be Fenix 2 (it’s paid, but it has an option of managing several pages at once), Hootsuite, and Talon for Twitter (it supports only 2 accounts at the same time). There are not so many great options, but all of them work well enough.

Still, if you question “how do I manage several pages at once for free?” you can always use just Twitter and it would be a pretty convenient option to take on. You don’t need a special tool or platform to do so in 2021, and that’s great because before these times users really had to break their heads because of this question.

How to switch accounts on Twitter

If you need to switch accounts on Twitter itself, you should first add another account of yours to the Twitter app or web version, then you need to press on your smaller profile’s icon near the currently used one.

It’s quite the same to Twitter on a computer (Chrome or whatever browser you’re using) or on mobile, let it be Android or iPhone. So it is clear: no matter what laptop you have (Mac or Windows), you simply have to find the three dots button near your profile and press on them, from here you’ll be able to find an icon of your additional profile pretty quickly.

This is how you will be able to quickly switch between two Twitter accounts.

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If you want to know how to switch accounts on Tweetdeck, here’s to you: first you need to add another page through Tweetdeck, which is very easy. Press on the profiles’ icon (looks like a silhouette of 2 people) and choose the “join another team”. There will be a box: enter your @twittername into it and select it from the drop-down menu afterward.

The system will ask you to log in and then you will be able to use your newly added profile. Tweetdeck will help you to quickly switch between accounts (even if you have bound your profile to Nintendo or another gaming or online service) on desktop online (Chrome or Firefox as well), plus you won’t be looking where is the switch for accounts — the system works easily and everything is intuitively understandable.

How to create multiple Twitter accounts 

Creating multiple Twitter accounts might be needed in different cases, most often people want to divide their personal tweets from business ones.

Some like to run several accounts for business, some for hobbies, some want to create fake accounts for whatever reasons, but the point remains the same: an idea to open several accounts needs some tool to further fine management.

Plus you need to know how to create multiple Twitter accounts without getting banned, with one email, or without phone verification.

So, creating multiple pages without getting banned is easy: you simply need to choose the new username, bind it to a new email or to your phone number. Actually, you can use one phone number for creating up to 10 pages, while you can use only one email to create each new profile.

That’s why creating several pages with one email won’t work: the same email can be used only if you deleted your old profile and created a new one using the same email address.

How to create multiple Twitter accounts - Vip-tweet

Creating a new account without phone verification is still pretty easy: you just need to make sure that you have a spare email to use. It shouldn’t be bound to another Twitter profile and make sure that you don’t forget the password to it, otherwise, it will be hard to manage the newly created profile and restore the password to the page if you need it.

So now you know how to create multiple Twitter accounts: it can be done fast and easy if you use your phone number or a spare email, no matter where you do it — on Windows 10, on Mac, or on one device that is your smartphone.

Currently, Twitter offers nice and comfortable conditions to create these accounts and manage them without having any troubles.

How to make multiple Twitter accounts 

Making multiple accounts for Twitter might be needed in very different cases: sometimes people want to run several ones because of their personal needs, sometimes it’s because of business inquiries. However, can you make multiple pages on this social media? Yes.

How to make multiple Twitter profiles at once? You can use one device (let it be your iPhone, Android, or browser on PC) for it: right now this social media net gives all the conditions to comfortably create and manage several pages at once without any problems.

The thing is: you can easily make up to 10 new profiles at once with one phone number, but you cannot create multiple pages with one email. This is how it works, unfortunately, and there is no workaround to skip that rule.

It would be much easier to create a profile without phone verification though: you just need to have a spare email that wasn’t registered in the Twitter system yet.

It’s also important that it doesn’t matter what accounts you’re creating: you can make locked ones or you can make public ones, it all depends on your preferences and demands only.

If you need to make your accounts saved, you can apply for activation for each one of them — to do that you need to go into the settings of each account, choose “you data” and then “request data”.

After that Twitter will prepare an archive of your tweets, favorites, replies, and some other data and will send it to your email. There you will be able to download it and save it on your PC or your mobile phone in a zip folder.

Log into multiple Twitter accounts 

How to log into multiple Twitter accounts or what’s more important: can you be logged into multiple accounts on Twitter on desktop? There is a way to have multiple accounts logged in on Windows, yet for that, you won’t be able to use the original Twitter app or desktop web version.

On a computer, let it be a Windows laptop or Mac, you still have to use an additional program, for example, Tweetdeck or the other one that works for you. The original Twitter version gives an opportunity to log in to multiple pages, yet you’d have to switch between them if you need to tweet, reply to somebody, retweet or make a favorite.

To sign in to multiple profiles you need to add the second one of them (the third one and etc) in the menu, using the three-lined button and then the three dots button. There you will be able to create a second profile or add an already existing one.

Log into multiple Twitter accounts - Vip-tweet

If you want to be logged in several pages at once and be able to tweet from them or read the feed without having to switch, we’d recommend you using the apps that we have listed in the previous paragraph about managing multiple accounts on Twitter.

These give a possibility to kind of conjoin several profiles into one, read the feed of all of them at the same time. Plus you can choose the suitable apps for Google Chrome, Firefox, or mobile Android, iOS, or a simple web version. Make sure to read this part of an article if you’re looking for extra comfort in managing your profiles on Twitter.

As you probably understood, log in to several accounts is not a problem, but managing them easily and quickly without having to switch might become quite a task, depending on what you’re using to log in to Twitter.

How to set up multiple Twitter accounts

“How do I set up multiple Twitter accounts?” you might be thinking right now as you’re reading this article. Basically, most often people want to set them for business, as they already have their personal account up and running, yet they don’t want to mix private and work information up.

Sometimes people want to set multiple accounts when blocked, but we’d say that it’s more about creating a new profile instead of a blocked one and it is just like making a completely new page without any bound to the banned one.

So, whenever you want to set multiple accounts (on the computer, on iPhone, or on Android), you simply need to create a new account or add an already existing one through the three lines and then the three dots buttons near your profile’s icon.

However, you should remember that setting up multiple accounts is possible with one mobile number, but isn’t possible with one email. If you don’t want to go through the phone number verification though, you can use a spare email to set up a multiple accounts.

If you want some advanced management, you can use Tweetdeck to set up multiple accounts on the desktop. Setting up multiple accounts is easy, yet if you want to manage them successfully you’d need to use some side services or programs for sure.

As we have previously noted, Twitter itself gives a possibility to stay logged in, but to make any changes in them you’d need to switch between them.

How many Twitter accounts can you have? 

Can one person have multiple Twitter accounts? Yes, for sure: this social media net totally gets the need of its users to have several pages at once and gives all the possibilities for that. Why do people have multiple Twitter pages?

Well, there are different reasons for that, the most common one is that they have to divide the personal from the business — people don’t want to post about their private life in the same place where they’re trying to run their business and that is totally understandable.

However, the more important question is: can you have multiple accounts under one email or with the same phone number? The answer to the first part of this question is no: you cannot have several profiles registered with the same email.

But! You can have up to 10 of them under one phone number. No matter if you want to have them on mac, on another PC, on iPhone, or on Android, the original app gives a chance to switch between them with no problem.

But how to have multiple names on Twitter accounts? Well, this is an easy task to fulfill; the harder one would be having the same name on different profiles at once.

To have multiple names just think of them while you’re adding another profile to your collection; if you need to create a variation of the same name, add dots and underscores, double letters, and numbers. Usually, these tricks work well.

But if you’re willing to have multiple accounts because of the business needs, we’d recommend you to come up with a short and authentic name that would have nothing in common with your personal profile’s name.

How to add multiple Twitter accounts? 

First, we’d like to note that there is no possibility to create two Twitter accounts with one email address, but there is a chance to create several Twitter profiles with one phone number.

There is no workaround that rule: you cannot add multiple accounts to the same email on Twitter no matter what you do; you always need to have a spare one email address if you want to create and log in to a new profile.

How to add multiple Twitter accounts - Vip-tweet

You can add multiple Twitter accounts into your Twitter from the browser (a common web page from desktop, no matter which browser you’re using: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera), you can use Tweetdeck for that (look at the upper paragraphs of this text to figure out how).

You can do it using your iPhone, your iPad, or your PC on Windows: the point remains the same. All you have to do is go to the Twitter app and create or add an already existing account into your profile’s system.

Using Twitter accounts together is a little bit harder than simply adding them to the system: if you’re interested in advanced usage you should definitely think about taking on Tweetdeck or other options that we have talked about in the previous paragraphs.

If we talk about LastPass, you cannot use several accounts at a time in one browser. But if you use several browsers, you can add several pages and use them at once.

There are some specific things that advanced users would like to add to their lives. For example, some people would like to know how to add multiple Twitter accounts’ feeds to Telegram in IFTTT?

If This Then That is a bot that helps to set automatic applets, connecting different online services one to another. To figure out how to do it you need to run the bot, start the bot and create an IFTTT account to use it.

Then you will be able to connect IFTTT whether to a group chat or to the Telegram channel. Through it you will be able to create specific settings and manage your profile easier and quicker.

Link multiple Twitter accounts

Can you link multiple Twitter accounts? Twitter perceives each account completely apart from one another. So the answer to are multiple Twitter accounts linked is no — moreover, you cannot create several accounts using one email, but you can use one phone number if you don’t have any spare email addresses on your hands right now.

Linking one email to multiple Twitter accounts is unfortunately impossible, although many people would love to have this chance.

Anyhow, you can link multiple accounts to Facebook, Linked In, or WordPress, as these websites give no limits to how many other social media accounts you can list in the profile. You can do it on a desktop or on your phone, however, you find it more convenient.

If you want to make several pages on Twitter linked to one another, there is only one thing you can do: you can leave literal links to your accounts on your own pages, telling your followers that they can actually read you on another page as well. You can also leave the links in the bio.

How to use multiple Twitter accounts? 

If you need to know how to use multiple profiles at once on a computer or on an iPhone and Android, the answer is simple: if you’re okay with switching between the accounts, you can use Twitter itself. It offers a chance to add several profiles to the system and switch between them whenever you feel like it.

But if you are interested in advanced usage of several profiles where you don’t need to switch and can run your private and your business page almost from one column, then you need to think about using Tweetdeck and other programs that we have talked about in the upper paragraphs.

If the question is “can you use the same phone number for multiple Twitter accounts?” the answer is sure, you can actually exploit the same number up to 10 times. If you want to know whether you can use the same email for multiple accounts, the answer is no — each new profile needs a spare, non-registered email in Twitter’s system.

Twitter phone verification - Vip-tweet

If you need to use several pages at once to reach some kind of online development you should definitely think about a chance to buy Twitter accounts. There are lots of them available on quality online promotion websites, the only thing you need to remember is to find the one with nice reviews and a great reputation.


How to unfollow multiple users on Twitter? 

To unfollow several users you can either do it by hand from your follows section, or you can use such services as Circleboom, Manageflitter and others, that allow deleting follows and followers in bulk.

Does Twitter allow multiple accounts?

Yes, it totally does.

How to run multiple Twitter accounts?

To run several pages at once you need to add them to your Twitter app or web page and switch between them when you want to tweet, make a favorite, or reply.

How to delete multiple Twitter accounts?

Just like if you were deleting a single Twitter page — one by one, using the settings of the profile.

Are multiple Twitter accounts secure? 

For sure. Sometimes spreading information between several profiles on Twitter might be even safer than keeping all of it in one place. All the profiles are equally secure due to Twitter’s system, plus you should always think about a strong password, no matter how many profiles you have.

Can followers see multiple Twitter accounts? 

No, the followers of one particular page can see this page only — they will be able to see other pages as well only if you leave links to them in tweets or in bio.

Can I access multiple Twitter accounts on the desktop? 

Yes, you surely can. You can do it either through the web page or through the special apps and programs such as Tweetdeck and the others that we have mentioned in the article itself above.

Can I edit multiple Twitter accounts? 

If you need to edit several pages at once, you should use third-party services for that — Twitter itself gives a chance to edit or change the profiles only if you switch between them.

Can I get alerts from multiple Twitter accounts? 

If your pages aren’t violating the guidelines of the Twitter community, you are totally safe and okay with having multiple pages at your services.

How to access multiple Twitter accounts? 

To access them you first need to add them to your Twitter by pressing on three lines and then three dots buttons and choosing “create new account” or “add already an existing account”. Then an additional small logo of your second profile will appear near the big logo of your current profile. From there you will be able to switch between them.

How to authenticate multiple Twitter accounts? 

To authenticate you need to add them into your Twitter app or web page or special program for advanced use. It can be done if you already have several existing Twitter pages which you want to simultaneously use — if you have one only, you’d have to first create yourself one or several additional profiles.

How to follow multiple accounts on Twitter?

To do so you simply need to press the “follow” button in the (header) of the profile that you like and want to read from now on. You can press this “follow” button as many times as you like because Twitter doesn’t have any limits on how many people you might be following.

How to open multiple Twitter accounts? 

If you want to manage several profiles from one page and don’t switch between them, think about using Tweetdeck or any other service or program that allows doing so — we have given a detailed list in the article itself. Check it out!

How to service multiple Twitter accounts? 

The only nuance is that you are going to need several emails for them, yet you can actually use the same mobile phone number.

How to view multiple Twitter accounts? 

To view them you can either use the web page or the original app itself, or you can set up something more advanced, such as Tweetdeck, TwitterFon, Nambu, and the other ones.

How to monitor multiple Twitter accounts? 

To monitor them you can use the Twitter app or web page itself, or you can set up something more advanced and with more settings, such as the programs and services that we have told you about in the “Manage multiple accounts” part of this article.

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