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Search Twitter followers

There are situations when you need to search a particular person of your followers by name — and we often forget about people’s full names, so is it even possible to remember someone’s username when you’re an adult with a head full of problems?

No. That’s why you should know the answer to the question “can you search for Twitter followers alphabetically, by username or at least scan your followers list for fake accounts?”

And the answer is — no, if you’re talking about tools that are built into Twitter. And yes — if we’re talking about turning for help from paid services.

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There is a chance to find a fine working widget that will scan your followers list for bots — but if you need to find a particular friend of yours on Twitter.

It is going to be easier to ask them for a username directly, as Twitter gives no possibility of sorting the subs by any filter or keyword, which means that you would have to go through them manually to find the needed person.

How to search Twitter followers

“But how do I search through my Twitter followers by location or by bio? How come Twitter doesn’t give any tools to make a nice search in several seconds like other platforms do?”

Sad but true, Twitter didn’t come as far as other social media platforms when it comes to users’ convenience. But, on Twitter there are many bots that help to organize the search by any filter that you want — you just have to look for it attentively. 

If you cannot find what you need, you can turn to help from paid analytics services that allow you to gather any type of information about your or someone’s page, download it into one excel sheet and save it in a doc for personal use.

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Of course, it costs money, but today literally everything good and effective cannot be free — therefore, if you want to scan your own account for bots and dead subscribers or want to analyze the audience of your competitors, you will have to pay money.

The good news is that most paid services have free trial periods, and here you can save well if you need such an option for the first time.

What’s also free is a chance to buy Twitter followers — decent companies offer a possibility to try their services for free for the first time, so the clients can make sure that they’re making the proper choice.

Usually it’s about 50 to 100 subs that are offered for free, but you can easily judge on the process and make conclusions out of the delivery and efficiency.


How to search for specific followers on friends Twitter account?

Sadly enough, you cannot use the search with a filter on your friends’ accounts. But you can look through the followers whom you might know and follow — swipe right to switch to the tab that’s going to include their usernames.

Is there a way to search my Twitter followers?

Unfortunately, Twitter itself doesn’t give its users a filter or a search tab for followers. You can only look through them manually in a random order.

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