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Selling Twitter accounts

Are you the one who has tried to develop a Twitter account, became great at it and then lost interest? Well, have you heard that you have an option of selling such an accounts to the interested people?

Moreover, it’s legal and buying pages is nothing wrong and helps some creators and businessmen to find their audience. How come? We’ll tell you!

How to sell the profile in the first place? There are many options: the easiest one is through Twitter itself. You can use tags or show it in your bio, some people are searching for profiles to buy directly through the platform and you can use that as well.

The best way would be hitting the company that deals with the sellers and the buyers of pages — this is safe, this is quick, and it is always easier when you’re facing a working system of sales.

Sell Twitter acc - Vip-tweet

But a situation when a person wants to sell their account is way rarer, then the situation when a person wants to buy a page. And if you’re the second, you can buy Twitter accounts freely in any amounts you need.

The only thing that’s needed is to find a company that sells the profiles of actual people who have decided to abandon them, and not the fake pages of bots. Such pages will not bring you any benefit, since no real subscribers are assigned to them.

And all you need is them — the people who remained behind the account after its sale. They will become your new audience (some of which will unsubscribe, but some will remain), and it is to them that you will try to present your content as something interesting and worthy.

When everything goes well, it often happens that people don’t even notice that the account owner has changed. They are equally interested in the content before and after, so they do not unsubscribe, but continue to take part in the life of the profile.

It’s like changing the owner in a good restaurant — if the food is still delicious there, you will continue visiting it. Therefore, consider the option of buying pages: especially if you already have a large and developed page and you need to find how to grow further.

 Acquiring pages and expanding your networks of connections on this social platform can be an excellent next step towards success.


Is selling Twitter accounts allowed?

It surely is; many people sell and buy Twitter profiles for various reasons. The only thing that’s prohibited is posting the content that violates the rules of the community.

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