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Twitter followers check

Any promotion takes not only posting regularly and trying to stay in touch with your audience, but also a serious chunk of analytics and planning. That’s why you should check the number of your followers on Twitter over time and know how to check for fake ones and for the ones that are bringing your profile zero development.

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If you’re seeking the answer to the question of “should I pay money for my profile being regularly analyzed by professionals?”

We’d rather say no than yes, but the starter pack of any promotion is getting the content that you already have posted seen and checked by somebody who already has experience in making social media accounts grow — SMM manager.

For a beginner, the support of a specialist will be important in any case — as well as for those bloggers who suddenly found themselves in difficulties of further development. It happens that a blog just runs into a dead end: and no matter what you do, the usual format of posting just stops working.

And it is difficult to look for new ideas. Not everyone has the time and desire to deal with brainstorm, so in such situations it would be quite logical to resort to paid help — both from promotion services and from professional SMM specialists.

How to check followers on Twitter

If you need to check how many subs you have on Twitter, it is quite easy to do — all you need is to come to your profile page and look at the number that stands next to the word followers under your main picture.

There will be all the subs you have: real and inactive ones, fakes and actual living people who are reading your tweets daily.

When you want to check how many verified Twitter subs you have, there is no button for that unfortunately; all you can do is go through the list of your followers manually and look up whether any of them have the much-wanted checkmark next to their names or not.

If you want to see if you and your fellows have any mutual subs, you should go to their profile, than skip to the followers section and swipe left — there you will be given the list of people who are yours and someone’s followers at the same time.

That’s quite convenient to figure out if you have something in common with a particular person. 

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When you want to see whether you’ve been getting many or not so many new followers lately, you can sort them using a special button at the top of the subs section.

It’s in the same place on a smartphone app and on a PC version: it will give you an opportunity to sort the subs from the newest ones to the oldest ones.

Convenient and works great! So, as you can see, most of the general functions are there on the app itself and you don’t have to look for a side service to analyze your subs section.

However, if you’re into deeper analytics and some advice that only a professional can give you (on how to run your profile, what type of content your audience wants to see, who are people in your audience in general, etc), you should apply for help from a pro social media developer.

And if you’re seeing that you’re lacking followers, you can buy Twitter followers to cut time on gaining them naturally. Why would you even consider waiting when there is such a big industry that specializes on showing support to beginner bloggers?

After you purchase yourself subs you will be able to forget about any worries that you’ve had and concentrate on future development of your page.


How do I check a Twitter account for bot followers?

If you don’t want to pay for side services that can figure out that for you, you can go manually through your subs list and check what was the date of the last activity of each sub and what kind of tweets they were posting to their pages. Usually, things are quite obvious.

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