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Why am I following random accounts on Twitter?

This phenomenon bothers many people who are trying to manage their Twitter profiles evenly. How’s that possible? “Why is my Twitter following random accounts that I don’t have a clue about?”

Well, we can give you two valid reasons for these occasions — knowing them will help you to relax and understand that there’s nothing special and dangerous in a situation like this.

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So the first reason is: you could have been following a certain page that later on decided to sell the rights and the profile itself to another person.

It happens to the big pages that have thousands and millions of subs — someone who has been running an account like this could feel tired of it or could have decided to change the occupation and now they don’t have time and a willingness to develop the page.

And voila, they have found a buyer who’s interested in an already existing audience and a potential client base. They are very keen on buying a page that already has tons of followers to it.

All they have to do is rename it, change the main picture and bio, and they can post something they need to post no matter the reaction of the people who are following it.

Surely, some will unfollow, some won’t even notice and some will feel interested in what they’re offering. This is a working scheme and people love to use it when they need it.

The second reason is: the person who owns the page might have decided to rebrand it themselves. It happens that people run their personal profiles and then all of a sudden they decide to transform it into a business page, a fan page, a new page or whatever their soul desires.

And their followers are all of a sudden confused: “I’ve been reading Mike, not “Alabama news 2021”, what’s happened?” Well, unfortunately, you have two options: unfollow and forget about the funny tweets they have been posting, or continue following and hope that one day they will come back to what they have started with.

However, sometimes following somebody whom you haven’t followed might be also a glitch. Twitter, such as other platforms, somehow has mistakes in its system.

And if you have found out that your subscriptions are flooded with people whom you don’t know and who haven’t suddenly decided to rebrand themselves, you should contact the technical support group.

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If you’re trying to develop your page and you want to clean up the amount of subscriptions so that your follows/followers ratio won’t look miserable, it’s a good idea.

But you shouldn’t forget that you can also help yourself with using a chance to buy Twitter accounts, thumbs up and subscribers who will solve your problem of lacking subscribers way faster than if you were trying to solve it yourself.

Make sure that you are buying real subs, as otherwise it is going to be just an absolute waste of money — you don’t need bots on your count.


Why am I following someone on Twitter I never followed?

The person whom you have followed might have sold their page to another person (it is highly possible if they have had a big number of followers). Or they could rebrand their page: contact them to figure out what has happened or run through the latest tweets.

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