How to view private Twitter accounts

How to view private Twitter accounts: Main Steps

To see the private tweet you should follow the account that has created it. There is absolutely no other way to see the tweet than to follow the profile — it depends completely on the person whether they’re going to let you read them or not. So, if you need to know how to view Twitter accounts set on private, the only answer to it would be sending them a request to follow.

If you aren’t sure that the person you’re willing to read will approve your request, you can create a new account and try to follow them using another page.

There’s no difference if you’re using the PC version of Twitter or if you’re using an app, you won’t be able to see through the tweets and info of a private account. You can see replies sent to private tweets (if people who have sent them don’t have private accounts as well), but the tweet itself will stay hidden to you if you aren’t a follower of this account.

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It’s great that this social media website cares so much about privacy — because no matter what your interests are and why you are willing to read a certain tweet or certain person’s feed, there are always creeps on the Internet who can actually bring lots of harm to a person.

That’s exactly why many social media websites have created an option of setting a profile to private and protected, as this gives people a chance to isolate themselves from unwanted visitors, subscribers, and toxic people in general.

We’d like to remind everybody that if a person doesn’t want you to read them, it would be best to respect their decision and just move on to something else. There are tons of helpful and interesting information on the Internet, and you can always find a healthy alternative.

How to view private Twitter account without following? 

How to view a private Twitter profile without following? There is basically a workaround for many things on Twitter, but there is no way around for this task. If you are not following a person who has a protected Twitter account, without following you won’t be able to do anything at all.

As we have mentioned, you can create a pseudo profile of yours, fill it in with fake information or no info at all and try following the person you’re willing to read. There are no apps, hacks, web services, or anything else that offers to break through this protection.

If you want to know how to view protected accounts without following we’d recommend you to stop searching for an easy answer and try to become this person’s subscriber no matter which method you’re going to use for it.

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You can also ask your friends for help: maybe, some of them are already reading this person, and they will share much-needed information with you? If you don’t want to follow them yourself, you might ask for help from your online or real-life fellows who also use Twitter.

How to view protected Twitter accounts?

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There is no answer to the question of how to view protected accounts on Twitter — if the profile is closed and is private right now, you’ll be able to read their tweets only if you are subscribed to this person.

Otherwise, there is absolutely no way to see what they’re posting: Twitter has a very nicely done security system that protects users from unwanted attention and unwanted people in their audience. You can see replies to the tweets that they’ve been posting though, but only if the people who have written these replies don’t have private accounts as well.

Remember that it is very important to respect other people’s privacy — sure, you might need to see the information that a person has put forward on their social media page, but if they are declining your requests for reading them, you should make some kind of conclusion about that and just move forward.

Internet is a huge and very helpful place if you know where to look for information: and using some kind of hacker apps and expensive services might bring you more harm than benefits. Please, think twice before doing that and trying to break other people’s privacy.

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