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Twitter search retweets

Sometimes we need to use an advanced search — for instance, when you want to find a funny or topical retweets that your friend has made and now you have no clue when it was.

Sadly enough, someone’s Twitter is not a very handy field for a good search, as this social media website doesn’t give many opportunities for research in general. Your own profile is a little bit more convenient than somebody else’s, but it’s still not that adapted for a search with a filter. 

You can find your tweets and replies and you can find your favorites, as Twitter gives two separate sections for this thing, but if you need to search for a certain word in a tweet… well, you’d have to leave your hopes behind.

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This social media is far behind Facebook in that it allows searching for stuff quickly and efficiently. If you’d like to do the same on Twitter, you’d have to pay money for a side service that can do it for you.

How to search retweets

How to search for retweets in my profile in Twitter? Well, you don’t have a section that has all of your retweets in one place, yet you have a section of favorites and replies on Twitter.

However, you can hack the system and search for a retweet according to the chronology: For that you can request an archive of your Twitter and then search there by date. Yes, this is a not so easy way to search for a retweet, but it is quite efficient and can bring you a nice result.

Small hack: if a repost included some kind of hashtag, you can use it to search for a reshare. Type it into the search box at the top of the page and you will be able to quickly find whatever you need.

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But if you have a problem with gaining enough retweets, there is a decision for you. Thanks to the active growth of the sphere of development of social networks, today you can provide yourself with cool support without significant waste of time and money.

You can just buy Twitter retweets and forget once and for all that your account lacks them. Yes, sadly we still need to take care of the number of likes, subscribers and shares, since these are the only universal validation signs that you can receive from your audience.

And if the audience is not big enough yet, then why don’t you give yourself a tiny head start? Buying reposts won’t hurt anyone, but it will help you start building a good reputation. The main thing is to make sure that everything looks natural enough.

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