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Download Twitter likes: Actual Guide (2021)

If you want to know — how to download Twitter likes, we can give you a simple answer: if you need to download all Twitter likes that you have gathered in your profile over time, you can use a native archiving option that collects all the information about your page and your tweets in one document.

For that, you need to simply log into your account and request an archive through settings.

Accessing Twitter Api With Python - Vip-Tweet

You can also download Twitter likes using Python through API, but this option would be helpful only for those of us who know how to use this programming language. Honestly, there are tons of various instructions on how a novice can learn the basics of Python and create their code for operating API, but it will take tons of your time and effort, which is kind of not worth it.

So, how to download all your Twitter likes we’d recommend you using archiving option or turn for help from paid websites or software that can gather all types of data about Twitter accounts.

Can you download someone’s likes on Twitter? The answer is yes, but for that, you’d have to use paid services, websites, or software that would allow you to collect all the data about any profile that you’re interested in.

Basically, you cannot do that through this social media website itself, as archiving is allowed for your own account only. You could try to do it through API through somebody whose close to programming and IT.

But if you know nothing about it, yet you need is not to “download my Twitter likes” but somebody else’s, we’d recommend you using paid analytics services that allow collecting tweets, followers, follows, favorites, and some other information about any profiles that exist.

Apps News Feature Twitter Favourite

If by downloading you mean a download pop — to get more likes on Twitter, then we’d recommend you a chance to buy Twitter likes. That’s an option that might be used to make your profile seem like an already popular, appealing, and developed one.

That’s a great tool to make other people think that you have already accomplished your goals as a blogger and you have quite an audience that supports your thoughts, actions, and tweets.

If you want to know how to download all your Twitter likes that were pictures –there is no better way to do that than using a paid service/website/software or doing it by hand. You could simply go into your favorites and save all the photos and pictures one by one and create a particular folder for them.

Plus, if you’re doing it through your smartphone, all of them offer saving pictures from this social media website into a particular folder automatically, you just need to allow an app to do so through the settings.

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