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Export Twitter followers: Main Full Guide

So, why do you even need to download followers of yours or of other people? Mostly, for analysis: if you’re the person who tries to develop their page, you might want to download your Twitter followers to look through their data and realize how many real subs you have, what are their interests, and their activity levels.

All of that is needed in the case of online profile development on social media, but, currently, Twitter has not so many options that allow us to export Twitter subscribers’ contact info. If you’re wondering “Can I download Twitter followers?” the answer is yes, but you’d have to learn how to download followers first.

Let’s start from the beginning — if you want to download followers into your new Twitter from the old page of yours, that’s not possible. In this article, we will be talking about exporting Twitter subs into a document or a base to analyze them, and moving subscribers from one account to another is a whole another deal.

Basically, a task to “export my followers from one page to another” is not possible, as this social media website does not allow doing so by any means, perceiving different accounts separately, even if those are linked to one email.

To do so you’d have to by hand warn your subs about the fact that you’re moving to another page and encourage them to follow you there from now on.

Now, what about a chance to download Twitter followers offline? Unfortunately, to export your subs you have to log in and work with your profile online, using an adder, a chrome extension, or a basic archiving option to do so (we’ll tell how to download followers from Twitter directly a bit further).

After you download followers from Twitter you’ll be able to view them offline and have data collected into a document that will stably hold all of the information in one place.

How to download people’s followers on Twitter? If you need to download your competitors’ followers, you’d have to use certain side services, special software, or apps that allow you to download anybody’s subs into one Excel or CSV file.

Twitter itself only allows downloading followers streak from your own page, using an option that gives a possibility to archive all the information about the page.

If you need to download someone’s subscribers, you’d have to use particular online services or software, or you could take them out of a profile by hand, though it would be a very time and energy taking process.

Twlets Google Chrome Extension - Vip-Tweet

The best way to export your own Twitter followers would be using a chrome extension (for example, Twlets Google Chrome Extension, or you can use Twitter’s own bots that allow doing so, e.g. @TwExList.

You can search both of these in any searching engine, usually, the first exports are for free, and then you’d have to pay for downloading any information from your or anybody else’s account. Using these tools you’re able to not only take out your own followers but another person’s subscribers as well if it is needed.

Plus, there are several communities that offer information about this social media website analytics, such as Hootsuite and Hubspot. There you will be able to find people’s opinions on how it would be better to export any kind of followers from certain accounts, from verified (sometimes these are called a premium) to unverified ones.

To be clear, Hubspot is more of an informational resource, while Hootsuite offers tools for integration into this social media website’s system and operating anything you need in it, including options for export of followers.

Export Twitter followers list

Usually, if you need to download a list of followers, it’s about archiving your blog complete with a chance to further view it in some type of document. There are certain services that allow you to export a list of subs, there are also API options that allow you to do it and some other software.

We’re going to give you recommendations of services that give a chance to download the list of someone else’s Twitter followers and download a list of your Twitter subscribers as well.

For example, you can use Tweetake that backups your profile all at once and gives you a chance to download subs from Twitter, plus export your tweets and your own follows in the CSV file. The only thing that’s not so great about this service — it doesn’t support everyday backups of a profile`s activity.

Export Twitter followers list - Vip-Tweet

Can you download a list of Twitter followers using something else? Yes, there is also a BackUpMyTweets service that has a premium mode that gives a chance to export subs from Twitter and can even collect tweets with certain hashtags in particular folders. That’s very convenient; plus, the price for premium is not too high.

Basically, if you need to view somebody else’s statistics or (in other words) export somebody else’s subs, you’d need to pay for the premium version of a certain service or search for a specific service or soft.

If you need an answer to a question of “Can I download a list of my Twitter followers for free?” the answer is yes, and you can take on Twitter’s native statistics tool, or you can archive your blog using Twitter and get a complete copy of it on your email, or you can use the services that we’ve talked previously about.

How to export Twitter followers

So you might be wondering: “I know I can export my subs, but how can I download a copy of my Twitter followers step by step?” We’re going to tell you how you can export followers from Twitter using its native option of archiving a profile.

First, you’d need to log into your account and press the “settings” button. Then you should click on the “more” button and it will take you to the “settings and privacy” further. There you’ll be able to find an option “account”.

How to export Twitter followers - Vip-Tweet

Then you should choose “your Twitter data” and after that, you’d have to enter your password underneath “download your Twitter data” — yes, this social media website itself gives the answer to the question of how to export your Twitter followers. If you need somebody else’s data, you’d have to run for side-paid services or software.

After you have entered your password, you should click “confirm” and then you’d have an option of pressing on “request data”. If you’re the one who also runs Periscope, you can also ask for including its data into your archive as well if needed.

Pretty convenient! Then, when techs will get your archive ready, it will be sent to the email that’s linked to your profile. It’s going to be a .zip file — download it and enjoy all the information about your profile collected and saved in one place.

If you need to know how to transfer Twitter followers in a bulk export that would take you literally several minutes and will also give you options of choosing the needed format of a document where the data will be held, we’d recommend you use paid services of backup accounts with all possible and impossible data to them.

Usually, these are the quickest and the most qualitative ones to work with.

Export your twitter followers to excel or csv

So the summed up answer to the question of “How do you export your Twitter followers?” would be: either using native archiving options if you’re in need of your own data collected and archived or using side paid services that offer various ways of exporting somebody’s or your own subs into different types of documents.

Export Twitter followers free

So basically if you start googling how to download free Twitter followers with no survey, no download websites that offer collecting data about your profile will require no money.

Each one of them wants a small or not so small fee for what they are doing while collecting information about somebody’s profile, so you’d have to choose, whether you want to make things quick and use paid services or you’d spend some time on figuring out how to use this social media website’s built-in tools to do it yourself.

There is a great tool that offers to export whatever data you need from Twitter and download your followers free without any money spent in the process. You can use Twitter API, but the only difficulty is that you need to write a code for it use Python (it’s a programming language), and create your developer’s account.

Step by step guide would look something like this: first, you need to create and set up a developer account -> then you need to generate authentication tokens and access to activity from this account -> then you’d need to write an actual Python script that would allow you to export any data from the account (this method is suitable for exporting others Twitter followers for free as well) -> get the script running -> get the information and then process data into a usable and easy format such as CSV.

This method also works great to check for fake Twitter followers for free, without any download services that require paying.

In any case, all of that will suit you well only if you really have time and energy to figure out Python and coding — it’s not as hard as it might seem, plus you can find instructions online, but it is way more time-taking than just paying for a service and initially getting what you want.

Export Twitter followers to CSV

Export Twitter followers to CSV

What is CSV in the first place? It’s a Comma Separated Values File — an option that’s a little less easy to understand than an Excel file, but the one that’s vaguely used by programmers and people who work with lots of data.

Basically, most of the programs that offer to export your Twitter followers, offer to download them as CSV. It happens so because this format is the easiest one for software and online services to process data into.

So if you need to download CSV of followers quickly and without any problems, we’d recommend you to find a service that offers the lowest price for it and don’t waste your time on figuring out API options (unless you are a programmer yourself).

Export Twitter followers Excel

Export Twitter followers Excel - Vip-Tweet

If you need to know “Can you export your Twitter followers to a spreadsheet?” the answer is yes, and you can do it for free. The main thing is that you can do so only if you need to collect data from your account, if you want to collect info about somebody else’s profile you can use paid services and websites or try to figure out API.

If you need to download Twitter followers to Excel, you can find whatever website that offers this service and choose to excel as a preferred way of processing the information.

How to download Twitter followers to Excel wouldn’t be the question you should bother about — the only task that you’d need to complete would be finding a website with a nice reputation and good reviews from people who have previously ordered export of followers to a spreadsheet or Google sheet, whichever form you find more convenient to you.

Now you know how to download Twitter followers to Excel — using various analytics websites that offer you choices in terms of keeping all your data in one place. Using them you can download Twitter subscribers and following lists in Excel, CSV, or in some other forms that they offer, plus these offer various options for backup of your profile.

You can do it regularly or all at once; usually, all these options depend on the fee and on the type of website that you’re seeking help from.

Download Twitter followers hack

If you don’t want to pay any money, you can use a bot for Twitter followers: there are plenty of them, you just have to search using certain thematic hashtags or keywords in the search box.

Some of those offer to back up your tweets, some offer collecting all the tweets in one place, and some of them offer the demanded export of subs in one document, let it be CSV or Excel.

The last option is harder to find, but if you try your best you will find what’s needed. Make sure to ask your friends about those: many people use them and are satisfied with shown services, so why don’t you use some recommendations?

Export all your Twitter followers

If you need to download a sheet with all Twitter followers you have several options: you can either use the native archiving option, you can try to figure your way through API services and create a code in Python, or you can choose paid websites and services to help yourself with the export of all your followers.

If you need to know how to download a list of all my Twitter subscribers you should check out previous paragraphs of this article.

If you need to know “Can I download all the followers’ contacts on Twitter?” the answer is yes, but you’d have to use API for that or a paid website/software to get all the data, as this social media website itself doesn’t allow collecting such info.

Export all your Twitter followers - Vip-Tweet

A need to download a sheet with all Twitter followers might appear because of different reasons, but the two most spread ones of them are: a) to gather analytics of your own account; b) to gather analytics of your competitors’ accounts.

Both of these things are better while done by professionals. Plus, if you’re planning to develop your profile, they might help you to buy Twitter followers for making your audience bigger and more solid looking.


Is it possible to download a list of Twitter followers?

Yes, it is. You can use several options for that: some of them are free, some of them are paid. For more information check the previous paragraphs of the article.

Is there a way to export Twitter followers?

Yes, you can do it by using software/paid websites, bots, archiving options, or API. These vary in difficulty and price, you can choose whichever you find more convenient to you.

How to export Twitter followers’ email list?

The easiest way to do so would be using a paid website that offers to collect various data of somebody’s profile, followers, and follows. You can try to find a free option, but if you need information that is precise quickly and easily, we’d recommend you turn to a paid option.

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