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How to switch accounts on Twitter?

Most of us have one (or zero) accounts on Twitter, but some people have several ones. Basically, you can have as many as you want, there are no limitations here, but most of the time it’s about running 2 or 3 profiles there.

For what? For business, obviously. The first profile that a person creates on this social media website is usually a personal one. And then, after they get how many brands and companies are already there, they can come up with an idea of creating their own business one.

Switch multiple Twitter accounts - Vip-tweet

And so it begins: promotion, tweeting daily and obsessively, trying to find the audience and make them stay. That’s a whole another story, in this article we’re going to talk about how you can easily switch between your Twitter pages.

How to switch accounts on Twitter on computer? 

If you’re using an app, it’s the easiest to switch between accounts quickly: just tap on the icon that’s going to be near your currently active profile icon and you’re going to be redirected to it straight forward.

If you haven’t yet logged into that page, you can add the page (even if it is with the same email) and then easily switch between them.

When you want to switch between the profiles using Mac or Windows PC, you should go to Chrome, come to Twitter and add another account to your page just like you’d do it on an app.

Then you’ll be able to switch back and forth between your profiles by clicking on the icon that’s going to be under the currently active icon of yours. 

In our opinion, laptops are not that convenient when it comes to using Twitter and other social media, but some people are so used to Twitter on desktop that they prefer keeping up with the world and their audience using a PC. That’s fine and that’s still very easy! 

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But sometimes the problem lies in another point — sometimes you just cannot get a good reach of your audience and you cannot get the needed diversity. What do you do in a case like this? Well, you can buy Twitter accounts and make your reach as wide as ever before.

Yes, it may sound strange, but sometimes it’s really worth buying yourself a second or even a third Twitter profile — but these should not be empty profiles, but having at least some subscribers.

Quite often it happens that users promote their pages, and then lose interest in it, and then they can sell such a profile to a person who is looking for their audience. 

With the help of such profiles, you can find a connection with very different circles of people who may be equally interested in your content or in your products. Keep this in mind when you are planning to promote your Twitter profile.

But before you start a few pages, think about whether you really need it. After all, in this case you will have to pay the same amount of attention to both pages, and this can be avoided.

If you need to filter information and divide it into several parts, you can come up with unique tags for each type of information and use them to differentiate.

So people can use tags that they are not interested in, like stop words for their Twitter feed, or vice versa, subscribe to those hashtags that they want to read.

This is a very convenient option and more people who just need a competent organization of their content should know about it.


How to switch accounts on Twitter app?

Log into your second page using the button “add account” in your profile (under your main picture) and then you’ll be able to see the second icon of yours in the place where this button was. Click on it and you’re going to be redirected to your second account.

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