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Manage Twitter followers

If you have just started out on Twitter and you desperately need to know how to manage your active and inactive Twitter followers through an app — the answer is you can do it, but partially.

Twitter itself does not provide many opportunities for analytics — you can see where the vast majority of your subscribers are from, what gender they are. But all other information remains inaccessible; and it is very important for those who monitor the status of their account.

Therefore, it is safe to say that high-quality promotion is impossible without paid services: without analytics and without those that allow you to buy Twitter followers and other options in order to make your account more significant in the eyes of other users.

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It may seem to someone that this is an unnecessary step, but in fact — why wait until you have the first thousand subs, if you can bring this moment closer? We don’t know either. The only thing you really need to make sure that you are buying subscribers from a decent company with good reviews.

How to manage followers on Twitter

Today Twitter itself doesn’t give a tool or an extension to manage the subscribers — the best way to do so would be finding services (preferably, free, but that’s a hard task really) or a software that would give you monthly analytics on what has been happening with your profile and with your followers as well.

We’re talking not only about the amount of the newcomers and the ones who have decided to leave, but also about the gender, age and location division, about the time of their last activity (on their own page and on your profile).

What they have been commenting about on your profile lately. Yes, this is a big chunk of info to analyze, but it is quite needed if you’re aiming for a quality promotion.

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Paid services allow you to analyze everything you need, and also take care that you get subscribers and thumbs up regularly.

For example, you can sign up for a weekly or monthly subscription, and your profile will grow before your eyes — but it will look very natural, no one will even think that you are promoting your page artificially.

And while paid services will work on your popularity, you will be able to focus on something more important. For example, to write highly social tweets or advertise your brand, depending on what your goal is.

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