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Weird Twitter accounts

If you’re looking for the best weird and funny Twitter accounts to follow to brighten up your day, you can easily find digests that would include dozens of such accounts. It is googled easily and you can find whatever collection that would satisfy your specific taste. 

However, the easiest way to find them without using side resources with their recommendations (you know, everybody thinks differently about things, and stuff that vibes with somebody might not vibe with you at all) would be using tags. 

If you’d ask us: we’d recommend @lmao, where you can find lots of funny meme pictures, @Queen_UK — no, it’s not an official account, but we wish it was.

It has twice the bigger followers count than the actual Queen has, and if you’d follow it, you’d totally get why. @FirstWorldPains is also a good one, you will definitely relate to everything that they’re posting, plus, pretty pictures of the cats are included.

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@FacesPics is also great — it posts funny, weird and sometimes bothersome pictures of inanimate things that look exactly like faces. That’s meme material for sure! Check out @big_ben_clock if you’re into post-ironic humor and @MedievalReacts is also nice for people with the same sense of humor.

These are the most general recommendations we could have given you — if English is not your native language or if you’re looking for something quirkier and more ridiculous, read the following part of the article.

Twitter lives through hashtags: the best funny and intriguing accounts can easily be found through hashtags and through replies from your friends who might have similar interests.

Diving into your friends’ subscriptions and finding whatever vibes with you would be the best idea; plus, you can look up the lookalikes of the profiles that you have already followed. Also, if you really want to find that golden content that you would want to follow for years, don’t focus on the number of subscribers.

Often enough it doesn’t mean a thing — people might post pretty specific things that you and other people might like, and others might dislike heavily. It applies not only to jokes and funny online stuff, but to news and tweets in general.

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However, if you’re bothered not only about finding interesting profiles, but also about developing your own profile, you should pay attention to not only widening your subscription base but also your followers base.

These are the people who are able to show great positive impact on your profile’s statistics: don’t underestimate a chance to buy Twitter accounts, followers and other features if you’re interested in efficient and quick promotion.

Don’t forget that in order to get the most tangible and mind-blowing promo results you should combine several promotion options and buy not only followers, but also likes and comments — it will make your success more natural and believable to others.

And always remember to spend some time online interacting with your audience — without it any promotion won’t mean a thing.

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