Inactive Twitter accounts

Inactive Twitter accounts

What are those in general? Inactive account Twitter policy says that these are the profiles whose owners are logged in but do not interact with somebody’s content in any way. To save your profile from deletion you basically need to be logged into it and log in every 6 months.

If you don’t do it, Twitter might delete the page with no chance to restore it. There actually might be even inactive verified and famous Twitter accounts, there is no difference to the system of this social media website — if you’re logging in more often than once half a year, you’re fine.

Inappropriate Twitter accounts might also be inactive — by inappropriate we usually mean bots or spam pages, that actually just litter the online space and make normal people’s lives there harder.

Twitter won’t be closing inactive Twitter accounts faster than after half a year though, even though the system can identify it as spam, it usually doesn’t block it straight away.

You can easily track inactive Twitter accounts by going into their profile and seeing the date of the last tweet — this is the easiest way to locate them and it’s very possible that you won’t be able to find any tweets at all, as these profiles often don’t interact with people that they follow and with the system of this social media website in general.

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The percentage of inactive Twitter accounts can actually seriously harm your ratio of follows and followers, as this social media website sees which ones are interacting with your content and communicating with you and which ones are not.

That’s why you need to shut down inactive accounts on Twitter if you don’t want to harm your statistics and waste all your efforts in online development. And even if such profile was deleted, it can be reset 30 days after that.

Unfollow inactive Twitter accounts

So as we’ve said these accounts really beat down your ratio of follows and followers — to make things right you need to unfollow inactive accounts on Twitter, and you definitely would want to do it for free.

Unfortunately, there is no native Twitter tool to do so, you can do it by hand or turn to third-party services that can be a very good help. For example, Circleboom offers an option to unfollow all inactive accounts, analyzing your followers, and creating a special list of inactive previously.

Twitter inactive accounts purge is necessary and it is completely your choice how exactly you want to do it: if your number of followers is not that big and you can afford yourself some time to sit and figure out which ones of them are taking your profile’s statistics down, you can definitely mass unfollow Twitter accounts by yourself.

Unfollow inactive Twitter accounts

But if we’re talking about working with a big page, you definitely need to know how to unfollow inactive accounts on Twitter using some kind of auto function or an app. Unfollowing and taking control of inactive profiles is possible by using such free (and semi-free) services as Circleboom, Manageflitter, and Untweeps.

The first one gives a maximum amount of options in terms of that question, the second and the third one also have something to offer but aren’t as handy as the first one.

Does Twitter delete inactive accounts? 

The interest on Twitter deleting inactive accounts is totally understandable. First, Twitter removing inactive accounts can give certain users a chance to take the name that they’ve always wanted to.

Often enough it happens that a brand’s name was taken on Twitter long before the brand came up with its name for itself: and while the account is inactive but still logged in, a brand (or a person) has to go with another name they aren’t totally satisfied with.

So, will Twitter ever delete inactive accounts? There is no clear information on this question still, yet it is understandable that if an account was logged off the system for more than half a year (6 months), the technical support group has to remove them from the system.

Yet we cannot know whether these accounts are logged in or logged off, how often their owners do that and if they do it at all — this social media net still doesn’t retire inactive accounts and people wonder how long until Twitter deletes inactive accounts.

Why doesn’t Twitter delete inactive accounts? They say that they won’t be able to do so until they come up with a method for users to memorize their profile even though they are inactive.

It’s not quite clear why bots or spam accounts would want to do so, so the question of when does Twitter start delete inactive accounts is still open. Yet it is clear that Twitter can delete them and that it has to delete such pages when those are half a year logged out of the system.

Because of all of that people still have to learn how to delete inactive accounts on Twitter all by themselves — using special tools, looking for ways to do so without email or password and etc.

We hope that soon we’ll hear that inactive Twitter accounts do get deleted and that we don’t have to solve all the problems by ourselves, but right now it’s not clear how often does Twitter deletes inactive accounts and if it actually has ever done it.

Somewhere around the beginning of 2020, there was a big username cleanup though: it was a moment when Twitter deleted many inactive accounts that weren’t logged in for more than 6 months. We hope that soon enough it will happen more often.

Does Twitter deactivate inactive accounts?

Does Twitter deactivate inactive accounts

So as we have already figured out that Twitter actually can deactivate inactive accounts, we don’t know if Twitter will deactivate many of them soon enough. For sure, many people are waiting for username purges to grab the name they would be satisfied with, but if you’re seeing that a certain inactive account is still on the go for longer than half a year, there’s a little to no possibility that it will be deleted soon.

It means that its owner knows perfectly about the rules and logs into it often enough to keep it alive.

Such situations might get on your nerves, but you should remember that you can always vary your name by adding some dots and underscores, maybe changing it up a little bit will also help.

Don’t be afraid to do so: often enough it’s easier to mix things up a little bit to save yourself some time and don’t put too much effort into trying to hack, remove, take over such spam and fake pages that took “your name”.

How to hack inactive Twitter accounts? 

Hacking inactive Twitter profiles is for sure something that people think about when they can’t get a much-needed username and want to obtain it no matter what — but the truth is that it will be easier to not figure out how to hack into inactive Twitter accounts, but actually buy Twitter accounts.

It’s very possible that you will be able to find a username that will suit your needs more or less, and paying to get a profile at your service is way easier and more stable than trying to find a hacker or figure things out by yourself.

Moreover, buying pages might be helpful in many other ways: for example, you’re seeking some safe and quick ways to spread information. So why don’t you… double it? Triple it?

Easy as that: if you need to promote or develop something, the best appetizer would be exactly this. Taking a piece of information and spreading it all around, making sure that different circles of people will see it and will consider it interesting and appealing enough. Bought pages can really come in handy in such cases.

How to find inactive Twitter accounts?

How to find inactive Twitter accounts

How to find my most inactive Twitter accounts I’m following? It’s easy: you can go into your follows section and by hand check each one of them for the date of the last tweet.

Yes, it takes time, but if you have not so many follows it would be easier to do it like so, without turning for help from third-party services. But if you have hundreds or even thousands of follows, you won’t be able to manage them yourself.

The best tools to find inactive Twitter accounts you follow would be Circleboom, Untweeps, Crowdfire, and Manageflitter. All of those work a little bit differently and vary in interfaces, yet all of them can find inactive Twitter users you follow and help you to get rid of them.

Get rid of inactive Twitter accounts

As we’ve said, it’s not quite clear when is Twitter getting rid of inactive accounts — there was a massive purge back in the time, but right now many inactive accounts still litter the online space and bring troubles to normal users like us.

We’d recommend you to not spend time wondering does Twitter gets rid of inactive accounts or should I try to manage things myself, but find any way to get rid of them yourself.

We’ve given you examples of third-party services that can totally help with that: Circleboom, Manageflitter, Crowdfire, Untweeps — all of those are great in finding, listing, and then purging all the inactives you might have in your follows and followers.

Twitter needs to get rid of inactive accounts, that’s for sure, but it’s better not to wait, but take the wheel in your own hands!

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How to get an inactive Twitter account?

If you want to get it, we’d recommend you try to buy some of these and forget about finding a way