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Losing Twitter followers

The biggest bother for anyone who’s trying to develop their account on Twitter is losing Twitter followers fast and for no reason. Why is it suddenly happening to you and how do you fix it instantly? Well, hold on a minute and try to think of the reasons: what could you do wrong?

First of all, if you’re losing the subs after reactivating your account, bad news is — people lose interest. Why should they have been following a profile that has deactivated itself? What were you hoping for?

 If you were aiming to promote your page, deactivating it was the worst idea that could come to your mind. No matter the case, just don’t do that. If you feel tired from tweeting, just take a break and then get back on track.

Promotion is hard, surely, but if you want to become popular online it takes more than just randomly tweeting now and then and doing whatever you feel like with your account. Try to create a small content plan and if you feel like you don’t have enough time for that, you can always hire a specialist.

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The second reason might be this: are you losing followers after buying them? Sadly enough, a lot of companies that claim to sell “one hundred percent organic and authentic real subs” just give you useless bots that are usually deleted by Twitter techs.

Therefore, you’re losing them and your money all at the same time — rarely does it happen so that these indecent companies give your money back or restore the subs you have lost.

But why restore if you already know that these are fake and won’t give you any benefits in result? Just be careful the next time and figure out where you can buy Twitter followers that are real and will help you with promoting your account steadily and safely.

Why am I losing Twitter followers 

Why am I losing large numbers of Twitter followers? This is the question that the support group probably gets the most. Yet it is totally not their fault — rarely does it happen that Twitter unsubscribes someone from somebody accidentally.

Most of the time people lose so many followers because of two reasons: after deactivating and after buying a huge number of fake fans beforehand.

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If you have recognized yourself in these two cases, the only problem that should bother you is “how do I get my subs back?” Well, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get these exact subs back — if you have reactivated your page, and they have unsubscribed they have apparently lost interest.

If you have bought fake bots, and they have unsubscribed, they have probably got deleted by the techs and why would you even want them back in the first place?

The only thing that you can do is take a grip on your posting schedule, interact with the audience more and turn for help from a professional promo company that would deliver you quality Twitter followers that will be real people this time. 

Plus, you can get a consultation about what you could change in your page to make it develop better and quicker.

Why do I keep losing followers on Twitter

Why do I randomly lose twitter followers? Sometimes Twitter unsubscribes people from people as a glitch — a little bit later this followers might reappear in your subs count, or it might not happen.

In any case, if we’re talking about numbers that are bigger than 2 or 3, it is possibly not the case. There might be something wrong with your content or with the way that you’re interacting with people: you might have done it not as often as you should.

When people don’t feel interested in someone, they don’t hesitate to unfollow; that’s why you should try to keep the interest on your content and do everything to keep it relevant and fresh.

Don’t forget to interact with people: hold a couple of contests, sweepstakes, surveys, and you will see how interest is gradually returning to your audience. If you don’t know how to attract attention, you can always hire an SMM specialist — they always know what trick to pull off to strengthen your reputation and arouse the interest of your readers.


What to do when you’re losing Twitter followers?

Don’t panic; try to remember, what has happened before: maybe, you’ve bought lots of fake fans and after you got them delivered to your page you’ve started losing them? If so, contact the company that you have purchased these subs from.

How to stop losing Twitter followers?

If you’re losing Twitter subs and you haven’t bought any fake ones previously — sadly enough, people fell out of love with your content. You need to take a fresh look at what you have been posting lately and interact with your audience more; often enough they are able to say what you should change to make it better.

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